September 19, 2019

14.00-14.10 Opening   (Chair: Peter Brusilovsky)

14.10-14.50  Long Paper Session I  (Chair Peter Brusilovsky)

  • 14.10-14.30:  Sophia Hadash, Yu Liang and Martijn Willemsen. “How playlist evaluation compares to track evaluations in music recommender systems”
  • 14.30-14.50: Martijn Millecamp, Sidra Naveed, Katrien Verbert and Jürgen Ziegler. To explain or not to explain: the Effects of Personal Characteristics When Explaining Feature-based Recommendations in Different Domains

14.50 – 15.30 Short Paper Session  (Chair:  Pasquale Lops)

  • 14.50-14.58 Hiba Abderrazik, Giovan Angela, Hans Brouwer, Henky Janse, Sterre Lutz, Gwennan Smitskamp, Sandy Manolios and Cynthia Liem. Spotivibes: Tagging Playlist Vibes With Colors
  • 14.58-15.06 Diego Monti, Giuseppe Rizzo and Maurizio Morisio. Visualizing Ratings in Recommender System Datasets
  • 15.06-15.14 Alain Starke. The effectiveness of advice solicitation and social peers in an energy recommender system
  • 15.14-15.22 Luca Luciano Costanzo, Yashar Deldjoo, Maurizio Ferrari Dacrema, Markus Schedl and Paolo Cremonesi. Towards Evaluating User Profiling Methods Based on Explicit Ratings on Item Features
  • 15.22-15.30 Mohammed Muheeb Faizan Ghori, Arman Dehpanah, Jonathan Gemmell, Hamed Qahri-Saremi and Bamshad Mobasher. Does the User Have A Theory of the Recommender? A Pilot Study

Coffee Break and Poster Session: 15.30-16.10

16.10 – 17.30  Long Paper Session II (Chair:  Martijn Willemsen)

  • 16.10-16.30 Zach Pardos and Weijie Jiang. Designing for Serendipity in a University Course Recommendation System
  • 16.30-16.50 Toon De Pessemier, Ine Coppens and Luc Martens. Using facial recognition services as implicit feedback for recommenders
  • 16.50-17.10 Yuri Nakao, Takuya Ohwa and Kotaro Ohori. Generation of Hints to Overcome Difficulty in Operating Interactive Recommender Systems
  • 17.10-17.30 Katja Herrmanny, Simone Löppenberg and Michael Schwarz. Investigating Mechanisms for User Integration in the Activity Goal Recommendation Process by Interface Design

17.30-17.40  Closing Discussion

17.40 Close